How we can Help

Call 1300 833 183 or chat to us by clicking the Chat or Help button to the right and we can guide you through our 5 step process for debt relief.

  1. Identify who you owe money to:
    • Banks / Credit Card / Personal Loans
    • Trade Suppliers
    • The Australian Taxation Office/Other Government agencies
    • Family members
    • Business partners
  2. Discuss the options available to you:
    • Voluntary Bankruptcy
    • Personal Insolvency Agreement (“PIA”)
    • Re-finance of your debts
    • Debt negotiation with your creditors
    • Debt Agreement
    • Business Liquidation
  3. We will recommend the best option for you based on your circumstances and our experience as qualified Insolvency and Bankruptcy professionals.
  4. Assist you regarding preparation of the paperwork to provide debt relief.
  5. Where required we will also attend to lodgement of the paperwork for you.

Once the Government Authorities have accepted your paperwork you are now relieved of your debt. We will continue to work with you to ease you through the obligations of a Bankruptcy, PIA or a Business Liquidation.