About Us

The team at bankruptcy.com.au are all highly qualified, specialised, experienced and registered professionals within the Insolvency and Bankruptcy profession. Our team believes in thinking differently and we will investigate and assess your needs so that you have a plan to get debt relief. We are dedicated to our clients in providing comprehensive advice, real time solutions and will develop a path forward specifically for you and your situation.

We're here to help.Our team consists of 3 Principal and has been in operation since 1986. Our Principals have a deep passion for helping individuals in financial distress and feel that encouraging business owners and individuals to seek professional help as soon as possible will achieve better outcomes.

We are easy to talk to, will not judge you or your situation and importantly have the tools and resources to assist you. We are Registered Trustees also with accreditation from the Australian Restructuring Insolvency & Turnaround Association (“ARITA”). We are also Fellows or Members of Chartered Accountants Australia & New Zealand (“CAANZ”). Consequently we are qualified professionals that can directly help you.

We believe being “hands on” qualified professionals who have an enormous depth of experience in this field and importantly across a range of industries will help you feel comfortable with us. We have networks across all of Australia and will utilise these to provide the most desirable outcomes for you and other stakeholders.

We have found from our experience providing honest, accurate and realistic advice to business owners and individuals that they can apply, will help them to rebuild their lives. We also know from client feedback that attending to this quickly and with the least amount of stress is paramount.

Importantly, we take the time to understand the particular issues that have led to the present situation. We see this as important in order to successfully formulate and implement tailored solutions.

We like to speak to you in a way you can understand, give you opportunities to ask questions and let you know what we are doing and what we will achieve for you. It is important for us to understand how you are feeling and you having a clear path forward is essential.


Michael Jones – Michael has in excess of 35 years industry experience. He is regularly seen presenting at professional seminars and conferences and takes an active role in ensuring that professionals are aware of the implications which can occur if an individual or business entity falls into financial difficulty.  Michael has seen and helped hundreds of people over the years and yet still challenges the way results are delivered to clients.

Bruce Gleeson – Bruce has in excess of 25 years bankruptcy, re-organisation and corporate insolvency experience. Bruce is recognised within the industry for his commitment to industry boards, business boards and committees. Bruce has been assisting the CAANZ regarding the Senate Enquiry and other Insolvency Reforms proposed by Federal Treasury and other State Agencies. He is also a NSW/ACT State Committee Member with ARITA. Bruce understands the importance of encouraging business owners and individuals to seek professional assistance at the earliest time when they maybe facing insolvency or bankruptcy. Bruce always believes in looking for the best outcome that suits each client.

Daniel Soire – Daniel has over 12 years experience across both corporate and personal insolvency. He has extensive experience in assisting individuals and companies in the SME market. He has been involved in many large and complex corporate insolvency matters requiring extensive investigations including public examinations. Daniel feels it is important to provide clarity to business owners and individuals, ensuring better outcomes can be achieved.